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Social Impact

Let us help you figure out how to grow your impact.

We’ve seen the power of marrying strategic thinking and deep channel expertise to help organisations of all kinds solve digital marketing challenges.

As a team, we believe that figure-it-out-itude can change the world and want to help you do the same. We’d love to partner with your partner with your development, comms, and digital teams to figure out how to reach and connect with people online.

Part and Sum - Innovation Strategy Sprints

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We believe in tight feedback loops, learning by doing, and expanding what’s possible.

We bring a modern, full-funnel approach to marketing that can help you:

  • Amplify campaigns
  • Grow and engage email lists
  • Use social media to connect, educate, and spark action
  • Build organisational capacity
  • Expand donor groups and meet fundraising goals

We work with not-for-profit organisations of a variety of sizes in different ways to help them grow their impact.

We’d love to offer social impact organisations a free social impact strategy workshop. Let us know a bit about you and what challenge you’re facing.

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