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Reaching people through tech

Reach people, learn, and grow at the same time.

Our Approach

Getting ahead

We’re always experimenting with new technologies, discovering stories in data, and using what we learn to prepare you for the future as it happens.

Incentive alignment

Our incentive structures are aligned with yours, and we’re completely transparent.

Full-funnel thinking

We apply our thinking across the entire customer journey, from performance media to organic media and owned channels.

Constant iteration

Our focus is long-term growth, not just one-off wins. We use data to weed out underperforming assets, optimize the best ideas, and build on what’s working.

Building capabilities

Growth opportunities are learning opportunities, too. We help develop your internal capabilities and in-house expertise when it makes sense to do so.

Learn at every opportunity

Every piece of content is a conversation with your audience and an opportunity to learn. We’re experts at learning in these moments and sharing them back to creative teams to make better futures.

How we support you

Part and Sum's approach to full-funnel thinking

Spread brand love

We ignite brand love through curated, multi-touchpoint activations that leverage data-driven frameworks to measure impact and improve acquisition.

Drive full-funnel growth 

We engage customers at every stage of their journey, maximizing performance beyond acquisition. With a focus on strategy and iterative creative testing, trust us to drive real growth.

Build customer loyalty

We design personalized experiences that forge deeper connections and cultivate enduring brand affinity by harnessing the power of data-defined segments and comprehensive research.

Data strategy & analytics

We integrate, analyze, and report on your data to create successful feedback loops. Whether you need holistic data services or standalone provisions, we streamline your tech stack to supercharge impact. 

Data Blueprints

We create comprehensive data blueprints to align stakeholders and guide strategy.

Case Studies

GitHub wanted help with launching their first-ever brand campaign, aimed at increasing awareness of their business tier product offerings. To achieve this goal, we developed a national campaign that launched their new tagline, celebrated developers and their projects, and reintroduced the brand as a business partner for innovation.

We crafted a compelling positioning and messaging strategy, as well as a media strategy, and eventually managed and measured the impact of the campaign.

This resulted in double-digit percentage lift in awareness, branded search, and causal impact on lead volume.

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TIDAL approached us to develop an impactful brand awareness and consideration campaign aimed at reintroducing Tidal to music enthusiasts around the world. We worked closely with TIDAL's marketing and product teams to create a bold, dynamic, and fresh new brand identity that resonated with modern musicians and fans alike.

Our campaign simultaneously championed the artists behind the music and the fans who love it. We successfully executed the global campaign across 12 channels in five different markets and developed measurement frameworks to track brand lift.


Increase in organic search rate


Increase in the share of search against core competitors.

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Mejuri had aggressive growth targets for their only sale of the year - Black Friday Cyber Monday. The roll-out of iOS14 with App Tracking Transparency called for a different approach to previous sales media strategies. We supported Mejuri's growth marketing team in achieving aggressive growth during Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 in a post -iOS14 world.

We guided tracking setup, digital strategy, campaign structure, and channel mix across the marketing funnel. And worked in real-time with hourly partnerships to optimize growth strategies and redirect investments to maximize revenue return.

+ 100%

Year-over-year Black Friday Cyber Monday revenue growth, exceeding forecast by 13%

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The Cook Political Report engaged us to explore new subscriber retention strategies while underscoring its unique position and service as a trusted and reliable source for election analysis alongside its CPR Race Ratings. We developed an actionable plan to engage and maintain subscriber relationships. Through subscriber journey research and communication recommendations, we crafted a strategy that focused on high-value opportunities for retention.

By integrating existing platforms and conducting collaborative pairing sessions, we successfully implemented the strategy, maximizing email marketing performance and strengthening subscriber relationships.

Increased reader retention and engagement with thoughtful segments and relevant flows.

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Cengage case study

We partnered with Cengage to enhance customer-focused marketing across various digital touchpoints. We facilitated a strategy workshop and designed UX wireframes to guide the positioning, messaging, and design process.

Our customer-centric approach improved user experience and stronger engagement with our client's brand. The new marketing approach was highly successful, driving increased traffic and conversions across digital channels and earning positive customer feedback.

Developed a cohesive strategy and customer journey across owned and paid media channels to increase revenue by 20% YoY

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IMAX partnered with us to enhance their direct-to-consumer (DTC) offerings and leverage data analytics capabilities and enhance their tech stack. We built a robust data infrastructure across imax.com, the IMAX Live app, and other channels by leveraging advanced tools like Segment, Snowflake, Mixpanel, Zendesk and CustomerIO.

This empowered IMAX to gain profound insights into customer behavior and optimize their experiences to drive loyalty, increase theater attendance, and establish a stronger connection with their fanbase, solidifying their leadership in the immersive cinema industry.

Development of deep first-party analytics to build a more direct relationship with IMAX fans.

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Don’t know where to start?

Unlock your brand's growth potential with our holistic approach to strategy, innovation, and growth. Discover how we have successfully partnered with rising direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce brands here. 

Part and Sum's Growth Retainer process

Media Strategy and Management

We design, manage, and optimize campaigns, gather data, and adjust in real time.

  • Paid media planning and buying on all platforms
  • Audience building, sizing, and targeting
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Affiliate marketing management

Data and Analytics

Data creates feedback loops that are essential for effective strategy. We’ll integrate, analyze, and report to get insights from your data.

  • Data management
  • Measurement and lifetime value
  • Data visualisation and insights
  • Forecasting and projections

Commerce Technology and Tools Recommendations

We keep up with the latest trends, tools, and platforms so we can make the best recommendations for your business. Also, we really like trying new stuff.

  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Conversion rate optimization and A/B testing
  • Email marketing services
  • B2B marketing tools and platforms
  • CRM (email marketing services and SMS)

Creative and Development Services

We don’t produce creative or keep developers on staff. Instead, we partner with your team. Don’t have a team? Everyone too busy? No problem. We have a network of talented partners who can be briefed for the projects that match their skills.

Have a strong brand and want to expand its reach?

We’ll uncover, conceptualize, and find the right licensing opportunities, extensions, and partners.

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Our Platform Expertise

Paid Media



Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp


Out of Home



Owned Media


Content Marketing

CRM + Email Marketing

User Experience Design

Conversion Rate Optimization

ADA Compliance

Data and Research

Attribution and Analytics

Data Visualization

Python / R

Financial Modeling

Predictive Modeling


eCommerce Platforms
Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, SAP

Walmart, Amazon, Etsy

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