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About Us

We’re guided by a powerful principle: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our approach is built on technical expertise, collaboration, and constant learning.

  • We’re obsessively customer/user/audience-centric.

  • Our insights are backed by data. We buy media to quickly generate the data needed to validate bets big and small.

  • We don’t just measure and benchmark performance on specific channels… we help model your business's broader financial picture.

  • Our team acts as a fiduciary of your growth investments. We offer complete transparency and never charge agency fees.

  • We’re flexible about team structure. We’ll even help transition our work in-house as you grow your team.

The basics

Part and Sum was founded in 2018 and has teams in Los Angeles and New York City. We’ve supported more than 70 clients in five countries, and across dozens of industries.

The Part and Sum team has deep experience in strategy, innovation, growth, and data. In addition to our full-time experts, we have a wide network of creators, makers, and thinkers who can supplement our skills as necessary.
Our offices are in New York City and Los Angeles


Julie Babb

Managing Director

Julie Babb’s background is in product management, agile software development, and user-centered design. Before joining Part and Sum, Julie ran the software consultancy Pivotal Labs (NYC) and once taught Design Thinking at the White House under the Obama Administration.
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Jim Babb

Director of Strategy

Jim Babb’s background is in game design, systems thinking, and user experience. Jim previously held positions at Undercurrent, Big Spaceship and Hyper Island. These days, in addition to his work with Part and Sum, he’s the Head of BuzzFeed Games, where he manages much fun.
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Our Strategists provide insights and recommendations across the customer journey.

Our Technologists help connect systems and data and optimize strategy delivery.

Anath Schwarts

Senior Strategist

Anath's background is in digital ad tech, media buying, and creative. She built the plan to successfully launch season ticket sales for NYC’s latest sports team. She can identify dog breeds with surprising accuracy and is an encyclopedia of true crime knowledge.

Angus Kirkby


Angus’ background is in performance marketing and strategy across the music, entertainment, and advertising industries. He's lived and worked in Sydney, Berlin, and New York, and is subscribed to too many marketing emails.

Cecilia Bergman


Cecilia’s background is in branding and customer insights. A proud Latina from Brazil, she has worked across industries in the US and Latin America, uncovering powerful ways to connect brands and customers.

Elliott Hasiuk

Senior Technologist

Elliott's background is in performance marketing, ecommerce, and music. Elliott has worked in Asia and Europe and speaks several languages. He also co-founded and grew a fashion brand popular with celebrities.

Emily Fogarty

Senior Strategist

Emily's background is in finance, ecommerce, and subscriptions. Emily’s superpower is getting a room full of people who are talking just a bit much and turning that energy into strategic planning and action. She’s a New Yorker who is determined to never lose her Australian accent or love of Vegemite.

Jessie Gibson


Jessie’s background is in marketing, analytics, and growth. Jessie worked in hospitality marketing in Las Vegas before transitioning to tech startups in New York City. He recently became obsessed with python, ML, DL, and AI.

Justin Brock


Justin’s background is in partnership management and performance marketing and data. As a Colorado native he is always up for an adventure or challenge - whether that be summiting a mountain or analyzing data trends to reach a shared business goal.

Rachael Sherman


Rachael’s background is in brand and innovation strategy. Ask her to conduct a cultural analysis or trend forecast and she will light up. Like every Part and Sum employee, she will be asking to pet your dog.

Wesley Duckett


Wesley’s background is in predictive marketing and data analytics. Wesley has worked at small, medium, and large companies and has partnered with brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Dell. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute and he has his name published in a college statistics textbook.

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