Hello Sunshine Case Study Mockup

Reese's book club needed to launch a successful membership program for its 1 million followers. We identified the audience's preferences and challenges and used these insights to create compelling membership propositions.

By developing a minimum viable product roadmap, we brought the new membership program to life and enhanced the book club's positioning in the market.

1 million

Created a clear path for how to activate 1 million women.

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We collaborated with Lunarly to make plant care relevant to young women through an innovation sprint, stewardship of the concept, and growth marketing support.

As the campaign gained traction, we transitioned responsibility to the client's in-house team, achieving increased engagement and conversions, and positioned our client as a leader in plant care.


Created a trend-based DTC subscription service and acquired over 11,000 customers in less than five months.

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Kaplan asked for help increasing their conversion rate by directing students more efficiently to what they were looking for. We facilitated an innovation sprint involving key stakeholders in marketing, e-commerce, and product teams.

Over several days, we used design thinking methodologies to brainstorm and prototype new solutions to increase conversion rates.

25% lift

Reimagined the UX, resulting in a 25% lift in conversion rate.

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Customer Experience:

Hello Sunshine Case Study Mockup

Spin Master wanted to diversify their sales channels and develop in-house DTC marketing capabilities. We designed strategy workshops, acted as e-comm product managers, and headed growth marketing. Once the DTC channels were validated, we transitioned responsibility to their in-house team.

Sales and profitability increased while reducing reliance on third-party media thanks to our collaborative approach and expertise.

5 DTC Brands

launched five DTC brands in eight months.

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Holler needed dating app behaviour research in an effort to understand whether anyone would use in-app icebreaker games and, if they would, how ultimately they’d do that. We also provided product feedback based on user testing.

Insights were gathered from 45 participants across 15 apps to develop four product prototypes, including functionality recommendations and monetization opportunities. We validated these prototypes and produced frameworks for continued development, resulting in well-received products that stood the chance of standing out and receiving investment.

Developed dating personas from 45 interviews across 15 apps and briefs for four prototypes.

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We partnered with Cengage to enhance customer-focused marketing across various digital touchpoints. We facilitated a strategy workshop and designed UX wireframes to guide the positioning, messaging, and design process.

Our customer-centric approach improved user experience and stronger engagement with our client's brand. The new marketing approach was highly successful, driving increased traffic and conversions across digital channels and earning positive customer feedback

Developed a cohesive strategy and customer journey across owned and paid media channels to increase revenue by 20% YoY.

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Mejuri case study mockup

Mejuri had aggressive growth targets for their only sale of the year - Black Friday Cyber Monday. The roll-out of iOS14 with App Tracking Transparency called for a different approach to previous sales media strategies. We supported Mejuri's growth marketing team in achieving aggressive growth during Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 in a post -iOS14 world.

We guided tracking setup, digital strategy, campaign structure, and channel mix across the marketing funnel. And worked in real-time with hourly partnerships to optimize growth strategies and redirect investments to maximize revenue return

+ 100%

Year-over-year Black Friday Cyber Monday revenue growth, exceeding forecast by 13%.

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We worked with Apiece Apart to grow their DTC business. We designed and facilitated quarterly growth strategy workshops, provided ongoing data analysis insights and recommendations, and partnered with developers to implement UX design.

We also ran growth media campaigns across various platforms, including Meta, Google, and Pinterest. This approach led to a 9x return on ad spend, decreased product returns, and improved the overall customer experience.


Year-over-year increase in revenue.

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Pink Chicken sought a partner to guide their e-commerce business strategy, with the goal of increasing online sales. We successfully expanded traffic and conversions to Pink Chicken's e-commerce store through a data-centric approach and meticulous strategic planning.

Our team conducted quarterly growth strategy workshops, offering continuous analysis of data insights, UX design, and recommendations. We also executed growth media campaigns across multiple channels.


Year-over-year increase in revenue.

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