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A Day in the Life of a Growth Marketer: Elliott

Julie Babb
Julie Babb

From my bedroom, I can see the sunrise over the financial district. Before I moved to New York, I was bouncing between Tokyo and Philly and to this day, most of my possessions still fit in a carry-on. So my place is a bit empty, but I have great light.

View of Sunset Park

I share a couple of dogs with my girlfriend and we usually take them for a walk before heading to work. Sometimes they come to the office.

I knew I wanted to live within walking distance from the office when I moved to New York. I actually skateboard to work, so my commute is about 8 minutes door to door. I’m home by the time some of my co-workers even get to the train. I’m always sweating when I get to the office, haha. I arrive at 9 am and I usually give myself 15 min to organize, read and chat. Then I get started.  

I manage a lot of ad accounts for clients across a number of platforms and industries - so it helps to have recurring systems for time management and task prioritization. I will generally block out most of my time on my calendar ahead of time so that I have a super straightforward to-do list. It’s pretty common for new tasks to come up each day, so I make sure to keep some flexibility.

Elliott’s Trello Board. He tried using Gifs to mark different clients, but has now reverted to emojis.
Elliott’s Trello Board. He tried using Gifs to mark different clients, but has now reverted to emojis.
What does a Growth Marketer  at Part and Sum do?

My job is to launch, optimize and scale multi-channel marketing campaigns for our clients. I also build interactive data visualization dashboards to help monitor campaign performance. I use my intimate knowledge of digital ad and email platforms to work toward the best possible client outcomes. My goal every single day is to transform businesses through marketing technology and data.

For example, I recently helped a luxury client switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. Now their eCommerce revenue is up 300% from last month. I’m really excited about Klaviyo’s predictive analytics feature which I use to build dynamic audiences on Facebook.

Before working at Part and Sum, I spent years growing my own high volume eCommerce sites and developed hands-on marketing prowess. I deeply believe in learning through doing. My experience building and managing a startup from the ground up has helped me understand the needs and goals of our clients. I like to ask myself what tactics are going to sustainably move the needle in both the short and long term. To be successful in this field you have to have a holistic perspective.

I look at optimizing ads as a form of gardening.

Oh cool, you’re a gardener?

Yes. My job is to create sustainable life-cycles, not just quick wins. Every day I go in and remove all the weeds, the underperforming assets, and I nourish the healthiest specimens by giving more budget to the top performing creative, audiences and placements. I then take the best seeds from the healthiest campaigns to replicate and sustain the growth.

Through working with many different clients on many different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Snap, LinkedIn, Outbrain, Criteo, Microsoft, etc.) I’ve developed an advanced set of tools that give us an edge over someone who’s only looking at one plot of land or platform.

What do you typically do for lunch?

Sometimes the world just makes sense. I lived in Japan for many years and I love Japanese food, especially since I am a pescatarian. As soon as I moved here they opened a Japanese supermarket in our office complex. I usually have a salmon rice bento box, or I make my own sandwiches.

What do you do with your downtime during the workday?

I don’t really see any of my time as downtime. But I definitely have two types of work. I have my client work: planning, launching and optimizing campaigns, meetings, building dashboards etc. And then I have my professional development work. I see this development work as equally important because it directly impacts my client work in significant ways. I read a lot of articles about new ad tech, get demos from vendors and I’ll soon start attending ad tech conferences. I also set aside time to run pilot campaigns or do deep dives on new technology.

What do you enjoy the most in your typical day-to-day?

Honestly, all of it. I have fun all day. I like methodically learning and testing to find the optimal strategy. This type of work puts me in a flow state. My biggest reward is building a system that works and delivers a huge return or result. I am constantly reading business and tech news, both in and outside of work. You can hit another level with your work when it just becomes part of your identity. That’s how I feel about marketing and marketing technology. Sometimes I wonder how someone says, “I want to be a marketer.” That definitely didn’t happen to me right out of the gate. I took a pretty roundabout way to get here, but I’m happy about where I’ve ended up. I feel really lucky that I’ve found that passion.

My background before marketing was music and mixed media. I often play drums in a studio after work. This city has some of the best live music in the world and I’m actually going to see Chris Dave tonight. He’s an incredible jazz drummer. I used to work as an intercontinental touring session drummer and now that I’m feeling more settled in New York I’m excited to maybe join a band. Any takers?